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Pomodori 0.2 is out!

Pomodoro Count

Pomodori now draws charts! The first simple chart has been introduced with this release. The bar chart shows how many pomodoros you worked by day. This metric can be used to see the fluctuation of your productivity over time and why there are good and bad days. This is just the first of a series of chart I’d like to introduce to improve your Pomodoro Technique.

As far as I learn to be a better Cocoa programmer, I tweak the UI to be more usable and better looking. I added the pomodoro icon and a gradient to the interface. More substantial UI improvement to come in the future.

A less evident change was done with a huge refactoring to the core classes of Pomodori. There is now an architectural view that I like. As part of the refactoring there is less code which is more simple with more functionalities. The bloated application.rb class has gone and now the view only contains view logic. Multiple controllers have been created to handle all the workflow logic and comunication with the model. Happy.

For the next 0.3 release I’d like to have all the tag based features working, including a chart by tags of pomodoros. Feel free to help me improving Pomodori!

See ya.

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